1.1.      TRIPLE S LEARNING d.o.o. offers the possibility of free advertising to its partners through the CroDeals mobile application.

1.2.      TRIPLE S LEARNING d.o.o. (hereinafter TRIPLE S LEARNING) is a publisher of the CroDeals mobile application (hereinafter CroDeals) and the CroDeals project manager. The set of services that are offered within the CroDeals application are the information services of displaying the content on discount eligibility of certain products and services that our partners offer to the application users along with the activation of the membership in the CroDeals application.  CroDeals application doesn’t offer or enable the Internet sales of products and services advertised.

1.3.      During the use of the CroDeals application the Terms and Conditions of use are applied, as well as all applicable legislation. CroDeals reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior announcement. Changes take effect at the moment of publication.

Use and protection of personal data

2.1.      When registering and using the CroDeals application, the user is required to ensure the completeness, truthfulness and accuracy of data entered during the registration and use of CroDeals application. CroDeals is required to take all measures to protect the privacy of user’s personal data according to the Personal Data Protection Act, and is obligated to use the entire data only for the purposes of user identification, marketing, and processing of statistical data on the use of the application.

2.2.      Data within the CroDeals application is protected by the Copyright Act. Copyright related to the CroDeals application includes the texts, their design, image content, and other graphical displays that belong to the CroDeals application or the service provider and/or the advertising partner. Data can only be used in the manner provided by these Terms and the partner’s terms of use.

2.3.      By registering at the CroDeals application, the user confirms that he is aware of the fact that he will be responsible subjectively and objectively for the damages that may arise from the use of data for other purposes and contrary to the point 2.2. of these Terms and Conditions of Use, or from the copying, transcribing and distributing the data without the consent of Triple S Learning.  CroDeals is exempt from responsibility and / or participation in possible disputes regarding the violation and protection of advertiser’s copyrights in the CroDeals application.

2.4.      CroDeals reserves the right to exclude from further use of the application any user who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use or in any way violates the rights of users and advertisers. CroDeals reserves the right to exclude from further use those who misuse the published data or use the CroDeals application in an unauthorized manner, particularly in the sense of copying the content published in the CroDeals application and publishing it in some other advertising media and lobbying CroDeals advertisers to advertise in similar applications or other advertising media by contacting them and offering them their services.

2.5.      Alongside the exclusion, CroDeals can also demand compensation from such user.

2.6.      CroDeals does not guarantee:

  1. accuracy, completeness, quality, availability and truthfulness of the products in the CroDeals application or of the text describing them
  2. validity, completeness and accuracy of advertiser’s information
  3. that the CroDeals application shall be error-free and/or it shall function without interruptions at any moment.

2.7.      In accordance with the legally proscribed maximum, CroDeals shall not be liable for any damage, loss or injury that may arise directly or indirectly from:

  1. use of the CroDeals application
  2. information at the CroDeals application
  3. actions taken or not taken in connection with the CroDeals application information, from inability to use or from misuse.

2.8.      CroDeals application can be temporarily unavailable because of various technical difficulties.

2.9.      As a provider of the information service, CroDeals and its publisher are not responsible or obliged to review the date stored, transmitted or made available, or to examine the circumstances indicating illegal actions of a user.

2.10.    The following conduct is strictly forbidden and unacceptable for all users of the CroDeals application:

  1. False representation or representation on behalf of another person or entity
  2. Publication, transmission, exchange and transfer of information for which the user knows or suspects to be false, and whose use could cause damage to other users
  3. Publication of content that is discriminatory, obscene, abusive, threatening, racist, sexist and / or pornographic and harmful in any other way and of content that violates existing Croatian and / or international laws.
  4. Publication of copyrighted content
  5. Deliberate publication, transmission and exchange of content that contains viruses or similar computer files and/or programs made for the purpose of destroying or limiting the operation of any computer software and/or hardware and telecommunications equipment.
  6. Collection, storage and disclosure of personal information of other visitors and users.

2.12.    The user is required to protect the account information for the application CroDeals and is fully liable for all damage caused by unauthorized use of his account.

2.13.    By installing the CroDeals application, the user accepts responsibility for all activities caused by misuse of the CroDeals website.

The right to a refund

3.1.      The user is not entitled to the right of a refund in case he cancels the purchase of the CroDeals application, if he activated it or started using it in any way. The user has the access to all the deals that the application offers before the purchase, and by completing the purchase he gains the option of using those deals. The user accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use by completing the purchase.

Court jurisdiction

4.1.      The court in Zagreb is competent for all possible disputes that may arise regarding the use of the CroDeals application.

4.2.      CroDeals reserves the right to change the content of the CroDeals application at any time without prior notice, in any way and for any reason and it is not responsible for any possible consequences that may arise from such changes.

4.3.      By using the CroDeals application, the user confirms that he is aware of Terms and Conditions of Use of the CroDeals website and that he accepts them fully.



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